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    Staying Warm this Winter During COVID-19

    Staying Warm this Winter During COVID-19 | Snowwolf Wear

    Like most people, the holidays will look different this year. With COVID-19 cases spiking, we’re most people having Thanksgiving indoor and exchanging gift through the mail or greeting on the phone.

    We’re all familiar with life during the COVID-19 at this point. So many other families who are cautiously planning to gather outdoors. Now the weather is changing, and it’s becoming colder outside. We don't know what else is going to happen.

    No Limits to Warmth

    Formerly, no matter how you dress, or what to do, a person’s body usually produces heat when doing strenuous physical activities such as running, exercising, or biking, that only stay warm for a while. But what if you are simply sitting around, reading books, or resting? How can you produce and retain heat, especially during winter? the cold wears you out.

    Fortunately, SnowWolf’s heated clothes will keep warm for a long time. Whether you just want to spend time with your loved ones, go out to run, take the dog for a walk, or build a snowman, heated clothes is your solution to maintaining an escape from cold. With several hours of warmth on a full charge, you can spend ample time outside.

    Reusable, Reliable Heat

    Since heated clothes is rechargeable, you’re able to reuse your gear over and over again without fail. No more having to buy extra bulky winter jacket! In addition to more bang for your buck, when charged correctly and powered up, you know that you’re guaranteed heat that lasts for more than just a short while.


    Winter is coming, stay safe and socially distanced by getting outside this season! Without the cold stopping you, you’re free to roam.

    The 4 Most Warmest Holiday Gift Guides You Must Know(2020 Updated)

    The 4 Most Warmest Holiday Gift Guides You Must Know(2020 Updated) | Snowwolf Wear

    Holiday shopping is hard enough, and it's a sure bet that everyone on your gift list is going through exactly the same struggles right now!

    Chances are, you know someone who works outdoors, commutes long distances, is a sports fan, or is simply just cold all the time absolutely no matter what. This year, give the gift of warmth with heated clothing.

    Not only will it show them that you're being thoughtful in the reasoning of their comfort and health and wellbeing, but it'll actually keep them warm for a long time coming. 


    1. For the lovers of outdoor activities

    Winter isn’t just a cold and snowy time; it’s also a season of adventure for many. Tons of people around the world love getting out to hit the slopes, hike, and enjoy the scenery.

    But you may be concerned about being too cold to act. Fortunately, there’s an answer and that answer is heated vest.

    lovers of outdoor activities


    SnowWolf Heated Vests for Men, Men's Heated Hunting Vests

    The SnowWolf men's stylish heated vest is made of new and fashionable grey and black color-blocking fabrics. It is ideal for pairing with sweatshirts, sports cardigans, or classic flannel.

    It is sporty and easy to wear, lightweight, and super warm. So that lovers of outdoor sports can stretch out without being restricted by heavy clothes.

    heated vest

    Single Control Heated Vest for Men

    The Single Control Heated Vest for Men is designed for those who can't compromise on style or comfort, they can be worn over shirts or underneath hoodies and jackets trench vest features zipper pockets for a trendy touch.

    heated vest
    1.  For the Woman Who Hates Winter

    We all know that one person who dreads the winter. They’re the ones who wear cardigans in the middle of summer and bundle up from head to toe in winter.

    SnowWolf has heated clothing specially designed for women.

    Woman Who Hates Winter

    Single Control Heated Jacket

    Fortunately, they can now bundle up and actually stay warm thanks to the SnowWolf women's heated down jacket.

     A classic, fashionable winter coat in a classic black color and special brick-red color, this liner has 100% duck down, water-repellent exterior, and high-tech insulation sure to keep even the coldest of people warm this winter

    Heated Jacket

    Female Double Control Heated Duck Down Jacket

    Another option to replace the good old’ office blanket cape is the SnowWolf heated down jacket hoodie. It’s like wearing an electric blanket without the cord and with free movement.

    Made from thick, soft fleece, this full-zip hoodie is lightweight and also great to wear around the house.

    Heated Duck Down Jacket

    Female Flame Double Control Heated Vest

    If you want to get her something that is also easier to wear indoors, the SnowWolf women’s heated vest is a good choice. The SnowWolf women's heated down vest has two colors (camo & black) and two styles (hooded & unhooded). It has a 100% duck down liner and up to 10 hours of continuous heat.

    Heated Vest

         3. For the Person Who Likes to Keep it Comfy and Casual

    If not ourselves, we’ve all got someone in our lives who can’t get enough cozy. From fuzzy blankets to only need a heated shirt you can live indoors, these people are all about casual comfort.

    Person Who Likes to Keep it Comfy and Casual

    Double Control Smart Heated Shirt for Men

    SnowWolf intelligent Heated Shirt is the first of its kind in the world. Featuring double heating at the back and abdomen, you can enjoy long-lasting warmth and comfort without stacking yourself with clothes.

    Heated Shirt

     Double Control Heated Jacket for Men

    Another option that capitalizes on comfort is the SnowWolf heated quilted pullover. It’s super lightweight so you’re not weighed down. That means you’ll be comfortable whether you’re sitting on the couch or laying in bed.

    Heated Jacket

          4. For the Outdoor Workman or Handyperson

    Working outdoors can come with its challenges at the best of times, but in the middle of winter, those challenges are even more prominent. Attempting to do any job whilst working against cold, windy weather conditions can be incredibly difficult if you aren’t wearing the right clothes for the job.

    Outdoor Workman or Handyperson

    Male Double Control Heated Duck Down Jacket

    A great option for that outdoors Workman is the SnowWolf men's heated hooded jacket. Several pockets make carrying tools and gear easy, and a drawstring hood helps keep ears warm against the cold wind. Storm cuffs also prevent the cold from getting in.

     A weather-resistant exterior means they can wear this jacket all winter long, even on the snowiest of days.

    Heated Duck Down Jacket


    Male Flame II Double Control Heated Jacket

    You can’t go wrong with the SnowWolf men’s classic heated jacket. Water and wind-resistant material keep the cold out while being flexible enough to allow comfortable movement. A detachable hood is great for those days when it’s too cold to leave ears uncovered.

    Heated Jacket

    Gives you more time to be thoughtful with your gift-giving and give your friends and loved ones something that will bring them some much-needed cheery warmth.

    5 Tips to Upgrade Your Winter Road Trip

    5 Tips to Upgrade Your Winter Road Trip | Snowwolf Wear

    For those who like to travel, even in winter, the decrease in temperature can't stop them from hiking. All summers are the same, but each place has its own winter. You can see many beautiful sceneries when you travel in winter. The weather in America is still a bit cold in December, so you should still prepare warm clothes. If you desire to see a snow-covered landscape, must recommend a North American driving tour! The snow-covered region of the northern United States is definitely one of the finest places in the world for travelers. Here are some clothes that can help travelers upgrade their winter road trips.

    Heated Duck Down Jacket
    If you're from the north, just bring winter gear. If you're a southerner, you don't know what it feels like to have minus 30 degrees, or you don't have thick clothes. I suggest bringing a larger down jacket or jacket. I brought a SnowWolf heated duck down jacket, heated vest, and heated underwear, which I personally think will be enough. You need to know that when you take part in certain outdoor activities, you must wear the clothes they provide and look wrapped up like a bear.

    Heated Pants
    For pants, wear a pair of SnowWolf heated pants and a pair of waterproof pants. Because the temperature is not very low in some cities that are a little bit south. The room is usually very warm.

    heated pants

    Warm Wool Socks and Weatherproof Boots
    My shoes are snow boots. They're ok and not too slippery. Because it snows all winter, the pebbles are scattered on the snow to prevent skidding. For outdoor activities, such as dog sledding, professional non-slip shoes are generally provided. Of course, if you choose an outdoor route, it's best to bring a pair of professional thick outdoor shoes. Remember to bring a few pairs of thick socks. Your feet will feel cold when you step on the snow for a long time.


    Hat, Scarf, and Gloves
    Be sure to wear a hat, scarf, gloves, and mask or facial protection. Even if you have a hat on your down jacket, wear a down jacket hat, because the hat on your down jacket can affect your eyesight. It's best to wear two pairs of gloves. One pair is thin for regular wear, and the other pair is thick for long-term outdoor activities.

    heated wear

    Instant Heat Warmers
    Heated hand warmers or insoles must be put on, but not too much because they are heavy and if they are not used up you have to throw them away. People who are afraid of the cold should post 4-5 a day. In fact, the coldest part is the hand, because you'll probably be taking pictures all the time. On cold days, you can keep one warm in your pocket or keep one on your wrist. It can also be attached to a camera phone to prevent a cold shutdown.

    Instant Heat Warmers

    Winter road trips are an interesting experience, with unusual scenery and interesting activities to remember. As with any traveling plan, it's important to prepare accordingly. These tips from SnowWolf will elevate your winter road trip. Stay safe, stay warm, and have fun.

    What are heated vests? Here is the answer!

    What are heated vests? Here is the answer! | Snowwolf Wear

    Winters can be unforgiving, especially during the bad ones, and going out during these times is almost next to impossible if you are not wearing the right clothes.

    If you happen to wear an article of clothing that is too thin, you surely will not last long outside. You cannot wear something too thick because it would be hard for you to move around because of the added weight brought about by the layers of clothing you are wearing. Just because an item of clothing is thick and furry does not mean that it can provide your body with the amount of heat needed not to suffer hypothermia, especially if you will be out in the cold for a long time.

    So, what should you wear then if almost every attire you have will not work? Well, you can always get a heated vest! You might have already heard about this type of clothing a few times, and in this post, and you might be wondering what they are so that we will be answering some of the frequently asked questions about heated vests. 

    What is a heated vest?
    A person’s body usually produces heat when doing strenuous physical activities such as running, exercising, or biking. But what if you are simply sitting around, reading books, or resting? How can you produce and retain heat, especially during winter? The answer to this is none other than by wearing a heated vest!

    These vests are special types of clothing specifically designed to help you endure the cold winter months. Of course, you cannot merely confine yourself inside the four corners of your home for the entire duration of the winter months. You will have to go out to run errands, sooner or later, visit your family, go to work or school, spend time with your loved ones, go hunting, or simply take your dog for a walk. In doing so, your body needs protection from the cold, especially if you are under exposure for too long. Prolonged exposures to cold arms of winter may cause you hypothermia.

    Therefore, you cannot go for clothes which are too thin because it will be penetrated by the cold, and you cannot opt for clothes which are too thick because this will limit your body’s movement. Can you imagine walking 1 kilometer while wearing eight layers of clothing and carrying your bag and belongings at the same time? We do not think so. What you need is an article of clothing designed specifically to help you get through these cold months, and that is what a heated vest offers. 

    heated vest

    How does a heated vest work?
    A heated vest typically uses a 12, 7.4, or 5-volt power bank. 12-volt batteries are those which are common in All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and motorcycles. Heated clothing with a 12-volt system are usually the ones with their built-in power cords and can power this article of clothing from top to bottom (jacket to pants).

    Meanwhile, a 7.4-volt battery is one of the most used for jackets and gloves and provide you with heat for two to eight hours of usage. It will depend on how cold the environment is and how high the heat needed is. A 5-volt power bank, on the other hand, is the one that you can use to charge both a 5-volt heated clothing and some small electronic devices like cellphones and tablets. Just be sure that your power bank has a full charge so that you can charge and power up your heated vest wherever you are—even if you are walking your dog or buying food at the grocery store! 

    heated vest

    Is a heated vest safe for use?
    One of the grueling questions that people often ask about heated vests is if they are safe. You may also have the same problem and is the exact reason why you are still not buying one right now. You may have doubts. Will the heating cause you to sweat too much? Will you get electrocuted? Is it safe to wear? The answer is yes! A heated vest is safe!

    For example, Snow Wolf offers waterproof one, can be machine washed, is non-radiative, and is safe even for everyday use! Be sure to unplug or remove it from the battery source first before washing it to avoid mishaps. You can also use heated vests when doing simple activities like taking a stroll on the park, or to doing extreme and adventurous ones like hunting, playing outside sports, and even snowboarding! 

    heated vest

    What is the best type of heated vest?
    Undoubtedly, the best type of heated vest is the one that will provide you with the maximum comfort and amount of heat that you need to stay warm in these cold winter months.

    This heated vest from Snow Wolf will provide you with the ultimate comfort as it has heating at the front, the neck, and back. It will have you covered all around! This vest also provides you with easy access to the power button, which will allow you to increase or decrease the temperature and the heat intensity in an instant!

    Not only that, but this type of clothing also helps make sure that heat you retain heat in your body, and its duck down feather insulation system prevents the cold air from outside to penetrate the clothing.

    heated vest

    Will a heated vest cramp up my style?
    Some articles of heated clothing might not look that appealing because they are either too thick, too edgy, too formal, or the style just does not suit you. Admittedly, some vests cater to functionality more than fashion. But do not fret because not all are like that.

    Some stores offer a heated vest that is both comfortable and stylish at the same time, and some of the best designs. An excellent example is those by Snow Wolf. With their impeccable design, you can be sure that your clothing is both fashionable and made with the best and high-quality materials! 

    heated vest

    You must take note that not all heated vests are the same, so you need to make sure to check the specifications of each one before making a purchase. Always go for the product that offers you excellent quality even though it is a bit expensive than others of the same type.

    Remember that in buying articles of clothing such as this, it is imperative to go for the one which ensures your safety and which will provide you with quality that is worth your investment. You would not want to have a product of inferior quality when you paid a lot for it, right? Of course, you would expect it to perform well and deliver all its claims. Always go for the one which will provide you with superior quality, has an affordable price, would ensure your safety, and of most importantly, would go with your style! 

    You also must consider the one which is durable and will last the test of time. You do not want to end with a product that will start to break or tear apart after two weeks of continuous usage.  Do not hesitate to go with the product that will give you your money’s worth!

    Is it Safe to Use a Power Bank of 5V 2.4A for a Heated Vest? Why?

    Is it Safe to Use a Power Bank of 5V 2.4A for a Heated Vest? Why? | Snowwolf Wear

    There are several occasions today where you either wait or painstakingly complete your chores in your front yard throughout the winter conditions.

    This condition can be quite troublesome, as you can understand, as you will likely spend several hours, solve many dilemmas on your behalf, or feel uncomfortable during the cold season. That is why a decent heated vest or jacket is required. This piece of clothing allows you to retain the proper heat rate in your body so that you can obtain absolute comfort, performance, and resilience. Besides keeping the user comfortable, heated clothes are also great in keeping your muscles tight, primarily if your physical activity occurs.

    There is another thing to consider: what if you already have a heated vest, and you’re looking for other convenient ways to power it up? Are power banks good choices as your vest’s power source? This article will provide all you need to know about this fantastic product and the potential of power banks as their power source. Let us jump into it.

    All About Heated Vests

    Heated jackets or vests are readily available to purchase online. Getting one online is easy and convenient. The whole thing about owning a heated jacket is warmth on demand, with amazingly fascinating and satisfying outcomes when you use it in the cold seasons.

    When you can pick from a range of measurements, every heated jacket or vest store out there in the online marketplaces has sizing variants to fit all customer’s needs. The products have a wide range of measurements, ranging from small to extra-large. After all, this modification is all about your experience in using your heated jacket, so take note of what specifications you require, and consider the length and the width that you want.
    For starters, we recommend that you choose a heated jacket or vest with reasonable power output. The higher the volt, the faster it will get. Fortunately, as an extra attachment, you may pick one of the available power source options from your chosen heated vest store.

    heated vest size

    Why would you need one?

    Having a heated jacket or vest boasts many purposes. Customization is the first thing, aside from providing its purpose of selecting from the heated jacket with various temperature settings to adjust the heat to the degree you feel relaxed. You will have to put it on first, click the correct temperature, and you’re all good to go. You may also set specific heat regions on which will function hotter than others.
    For several hours, users will feel significant levels of perspiration. Additionally, if you like higher or lower temperatures, it is easy to adjust across various temperature settings. The heated jacket has several heating regions, so it will effortlessly disperse heat to cover the whole body while keeping you secure.

    Heated jackets with 5-volt rated power requirements will produce the most optimal heat output that will make you satisfied for hours. You can find the best heating level that best suits you through different heat profiles.

    This device has heating components of carbon fiber, and they are very robust and secure to use. Security is a primary priority, and heated jackets have a range of safety precautionary features that help you obtain the best possible performance and outcomes, regardless of the circumstance.

    Apart from that, there are several tremendous advantages that every user of heated jackets will benefit from it. The most notable advantages are below:
    · A heated jacket can boost the muscle output
    · More intense and faster recovery for the joints and body
    · It also reduces the vulnerability and rigidity
    · You will improve your mobility and versatility
    · Acquired warmth on demand.

    Why would you need a heated wear

    How to control temperature Levels

    Users can set temperature levels the way they prefer at any given time, thanks to its customizable heating settings. The average minimum temperature of the insulated vest is 45 to 50 degrees Celsius. The medium temperature is 55 to 60 degrees Celsius, with a moderate heat ceiling index is 65 to 70° C.

    It might be complex at first to set different temperature levels, as you might imagine. But the whole process is as easy as it gets. Just use your vest’s thermostat, and you’re all set. Switching through one heating temperature to another would improve your usability and maximize the product’s total comfort.

    control temperature levels

    Using Power Banks for Heated Vests

    You will get a vest with a dry cell pack when you purchase a heated jacket. This feature implies that all heat comes out from a source or a portable power bank. The question is, what kind of power bank should you use to power up your heated jacket? Well, it depends on your heated vest power requirements. 

    Every vest has its varying rated power specifications, so it is ideal to checking on them first before plugging your power bank. In most cases, heated vests require a minimum of 3 Volts (3.0V) and 2 Amperes (2.0A). So, if you have a power bank rated at 5.0V 2.4A minimum output, that should do the job.

    Just attach the battery and afterward plug it into any socket to power the battery. Each heated jacket or vest supplier has various specifications, with several batteries charging within 6 hours, whereas others need eight or more hours.

    When you get your jacket, it’s necessary to read the user manual that the packaging came up with, for it says all you have to know. Many people use the heated jacket for the entire night, which is okay. By this, you will be confident that you have a good-quality product a hundred percent, so take it into account.

    Power Banks for Heated Vests

    What to Check When Choosing a Power Bank for Your Vest

    Although buying a 5.0V power bank can work for your heated vest, there are still some details that you need to check before buying one. Here are two things that you need to consider:
    · Amount of power. First, you need to consider how much juice you want in your power bank. Some power banks can store about 3,000, 5,000, or 10,000 mAh. Some can store 30,000 mAh. If you are prone to using your vest for prolonged times, getting at least a 10,000 bank would be ideal.
    · Size. Next, you need to check the right size that you need. Some of these power banks, especially those with bigger mAh, tend to be a bit bulky. But some are slim and designed to fit just right in heated vests or inserted in your pocket. There are also some with carbonate bodies and some with some linings.

    heated vest for gift


    Snowwolf heated vests are in-demand items, especially during winter. They are great additions to your wardrobe and also pack some great health benefits. That is why many people invest in one or two excellent pieces. But, one thing about heated vests is that they can lose power fast. When that happens, you can carry a power bank with you that is at least at 3 Volts with 2.0 Amperes. It is even better to get one with more juice like a 5.0 V one with 2.4 A. Look into the mAh needed and the size as well. If you need more juice on the vest, go for at least 10,000 mAh. Ensure it is on the slimmer side as well, so it does not take too much space on you.