8 Ways to Stay Warm While Hunting in Cold Weather

October 15, 2020 5 min read

8 Ways to Stay Warm While Hunting in Cold Weather

If you are one of those people who slacked off and failed to join the gang during the hunting season last fall, do not fret. Late-season hunting is still up for grabs, and there is a vast number of games you can still hunt for sport. 

The main caveat, however, is that late-season hunting will entail colder weather and potential blizzards. So, if you plan on hunting during this period, be sure to have yourself mentally, physically, and physiologically prepared. I suppose you do not want to find yourself bailing out midway because of your shaky hands giving you potato aim.

In this regard, we will be discussing eight ways by which you will be able to keep yourself warm amidst hunting in subzero weather conditions. These tips will not only encompass the type of food you have to eat to the men's heated vest you have to wear but many more information to give your hunting game a boost!


Eight Pro Tips to Winter Hunting

If you need some tricks on how to make winter hunting more fun, then here eight tips you can consider:

Load up on carbs

In a physiological sense, your body continuously metabolizes the food you take-in and your stored fats for energy consumption. This metabolism process helps in breaking down your food into smaller compounds and having heat as a by-product. Therefore, that designer men's heated vest you will be wearing in the cold is only one factor that can keep you insulated. What you eat will also definitely play a significant role in your "survival" in that adverse temperature.

Carbohydrate-rich diets are the most effective food to consume at the onset of late-season hunting. Contrary to other forms of food like proteins and fats, carbs play a significant role in energy provision. These energies derived will then be your fuel and heat to operate despite the weather. PB and J bread, pasta, and oatmeal are the most common diets hunters consume during winter.

Load up on carbs

Wear effective torso warmers

Although hunting in layered-clothes is one option in protecting your body against the cold, wearing men's heated vest is still a more practical approach. Putting these heat-producing garments on will not come as bulky as wearing clothes one after the other but will still definitely provide the same heat of having layered clothing. Another reason to choose men's heated vests over layers of clothes is that it will not restrict your movement. It would be counter-intuitive to be hunting quick-paced animals when you cannot keep up due to your choice of wardrobe.

These vests are excellent heat sources to keep the body warm and feeling good despite the weather. Just make sure that you are adequately aware of your battery consumption to be safe. Your purchase of these vests will be a worthwhile investment as these are waterproof, durable, made with insulating materials, and powered by a long-lasting battery (until 16 hours of use).

Pro-tip: You can wrap freshly baked potatoes in aluminum foil and insert them into your interior pockets. The heat will dissipate slowly from these tubers, giving you warmth, and you can also eat them when you feel hungry, which will provide you warmth.

Wear effective torso warmers

Use a good pair of boots

Ever had a day when your whole body feels warm except your feet? That there is called cold feet and is a common phenomenon, especially in freezing temperatures. The problem with cold feet is that your mobility becomes difficult.

How can you hunt when you cannot even move? And wearing a men's heated vest will simply not suffice in keeping you warm. It may work on the torso, but if you fail to protect your feet, then it is a hunting bye-bye to you. 

The best boots to use in winter season hunting are rubber boots. This footwear provides better insulation to the feet and is also water-resistant. Thus, your feet will be warm, and you will have no worries when it comes to cold feet. As a professional reminder, the boots should not be tight. Tight footwear will restrict the blood flow to the feet, and when this happens, the feet will be more susceptible to cold temperatures.

Best hunting boots

Protect your head and hands

Aside from the body and the feet, the hands and the head must also have proper covering to insulate it from freezing temperatures. If you notice, respiration occurs mostly on the neck and head area even when it is cold. It can cause severe problems to temperature management since sweat and the snow are not the most compatible partners if you want to keep warm.

For the head, you can wear a toboggan or a beanie so that the head will be in-tact and safe from the snow. Turtleneck shirts will also be useful to keep the neck safe from the cold. The ears are susceptible to low temperatures. Thus, using shooting earmuffs will keep the ears insulated and protect it from gunshot sounds. As for the hands, gloves or mittens will do. Shaky hands can affect one's aim, so using hand insulators will not only help you maintain your homeostasis but will also improve your shooting.

snowwolf protect your head and hands

Be physically fit

It goes without question, an imperative among seasoned hunters, that physical health is essential when hunting. What is the point of not using layered clothes if your mobility is lacking because of your body weight or your lack of muscle activity?

Hence, it is vital that you keep yourself healthy. Do some exercises that can boost your stamina, cardio, and muscle strength. Hunts need speed and alertness for locating the games. If you quickly lose your breath or are easily tired after a few miles of running, you might as well just wait. The better your health is, the better you do in late-season hunting.

Be physically fit

Make use of hunting blinds

One common characteristic of the winter season is the presence of gales. It can also potentially escalate to blizzards, which may pose potential dangers to the hunters. Hunting blinds offer shelter to the hunters if the winds decide to be destructive that day. Hunting blinds are like tents that are sturdier in structure. These are also excellent hiding spots to camouflage you from suspecting games to be captured. 

hunting blinds

Add some warm beverages to your arsenal

A gun is not your only weapon in the hunt for animals during the winter season. Remember that there are two adversaries during this period: the animals and the cold weather. Including a heat-conserving thermos or flask in your bag is a smart idea. It is because sooner or later, you will get thirsty, and you will need to supplement yourself with a beverage that will not only quench your thirst but will also keep you warm on the inside.

Add some warm beverages to your arsenal

Bring the other essentials

It is already 2020. There are now many different technologies that will accommodate the needs of late-season hunters, especially in thermal management. And investing in these tools is never a wrong decision to make. 

Two of these are chemical warmers and electronic warmers. The former are air-activated tools that heat up when exposed to oxygen. These can keep you warm mostly when you are resting inside the hunting blinds. The latter, on the other hand, are rechargeable tools that keep you warm if the battery still has juice in it. Remember that technology is here to help us. If you are a hunter, nay, a late-season hunter, then you need to invest in these tools so that hunting in the cold will be less complicated.

electronic warmers


Hunting is a fun hobby or a bonding activity with family and friends, especially during winter, if fall is not convenient. If you hunt during winters, then you need to invest in a men's heated vest from Snowwolf. It is mostly because the temperature will pose more difficulty in an already tricky activity.

However, there are also many ways by which you can overcome these hurdles. Just hunt smart and mind the tips we mentioned above.