How to Wash Your Heated Clothes Correctly

December 01, 2019 4 min read

How to Wash Your Heated Clothes Correctly

At one stage, that heated cloth you cherish a lot and try all your best to keep clean would eventually end up getting dirty after being worn for various activities and outings. Certainly, you wouldn’t expect that heated cloth of yours to be clean after you’ve performed several sporting activities with it. Activities such as skiing, horseback riding, motorcycle racing, and simply going out to the restaurant with your folks can put one or two visible stains on that heated cloth of yours. A heated cloth functions by retaining body temperature; thus, if peradventure this jacket becomes wet due to one reason or the other, or if a person stops working, the insulation present in this jacket might not make them warm. With the aid of this amazing jacket, a relaxing individual can remain warm even when their body isn’t generating enough body temperature, or if their cloth is damp from the hot environment.

  When you observe certain stains on this heated jacket of yours, the next thing that should cross your mind should be "Washing." Of course, for this dirty heated jacket of yours to be clean, it will need to go through water, you know that quite alright. Still, you harbor some incertitude towards this idea because you feel the heating elements present in the jacket will get damaged as soon as it comes in contact with water.  And besides, you are quite aware that cable circuit and water are archenemies. So with the given thoughts and facts, how do you wash your heated clothes correctly? Read on to find out more!


Can a heated jacket be washed?

Certainly, you can wash that heated jacket of yours if you adhere to the instructions below. Washing a heated jacket is an effortless procedure; all you have to do is to carry out the instructions as you are told. The result of meticulously adhering to the following guidelines is a sparkling heated jacket.

How to wash your heated jacket or vest

Don't be scared; you won’t damage that cherished vest of yours by following these instructions meticulously. Maintaining this jacket in the best possible way comes with few steps to ensure that this jacket of yours remains as good as new, frequently insulated, and in its best appearance. Ranging from face material to down filling, we are going to fill you in on how to properly maintain your heated jackets so that they can be in their optimum condition each passing season.


Step 1: Discard your power bank

Yeah, you heard that right! A heated jacket is often equipped with a power bank, and mind you; conventional power banks can be damaged by contact with water. All heated jackets always come with water-proofed power banks.

You should remove the power bank from the jacket before you start washing for the safety of your washing machine because there is a slight probability that it might end up damaging your washing machine since it is water-proofed.

Step 2: Discard all hard stains

 Surely, on that heated jacket of yours, there will be a certain area that is marred with stubborn stains or spots from the previous day motorcycle race, hiking, or any other activity that is capable of staining this apparel. In removing these persistent stains, you can make use of a diluted soap solution, a liquid to be precise, and then mix with water in half. Afterward, shake the solution to ensure that there exists no undiluted washing liquid. Formerly, you can spray the solution on areas that contain dye spots and leave for about half an hour.

Immediately you begin the cleaning process, ensure that you bring out the pocket of your heater jacket, and close the zipper back.

Step 3: Wash the heated jacket

People always believe in the misconception that washing your heated jacket is one of the fastest ways to ruin it. Though washing this jacket is quite tricky, if you can pull it off, you'll be rewarded with a fresh and clean heated jacket. Therefore, ensure that you open your eyes and adhere to all the instructions above, and there are also few tips to ensure that your jacket never ceases to sparkle. Don't be scared; the process is quite easy.

To start the washing, you need to acquire a pre-loaded washing machine. This should be done just for the mixer, a huge central section, and the top loader may damage your precious wear by tearing or holding on to the jacket material. For additional safety, that is if you can’t make use of a front-end loader, fold the jacket and insert it in a garment bag or pillowcase.

Extra safety: Make sure you don’t utilize water that is too hot, don’t make use of bleach, and if you fold this heated jacket excessively, the outcome could be unpleasant. In washing this jacket, ensure you make use of warm water to provide your precious jacket with the best bath treatment.

Step 4: Leave your jacket to dry  

 This step is quite essential and should be carried out meticulously. One thing you shouldn't do is to squeeze your heated jacket no matter the urge. One thing you need to properly understand regarding the drying of your jacket is that this process is quite long, so be prepared to spend much time carrying out this process.  Using excess heat to dry your jacket would end up damaging it. Even if you don’t have a dryer at home, don’t fret, you can dry your heated jacket anytime you want. To do this, insert your jacket in a warm, dry place and conceal it with a towel to prevent contact from direct sunlight.

When the jacket gets dried, place it in a properly ventilated area. Doing this prevents any residual dampness from causing harm to the jacket. To ensure that your jacket maintains an excellent appearance, you need to adhere to the above mentioned steps.