Calling All Outdoor Workers: Prepare For This Winter With The SnowWolf Heated Vest!

September 09, 2020 4 min read

Calling All Outdoor Workers:  Prepare For This Winter With The SnowWolf Heated Vest!

Working outdoors can come with its challenges at the best of times, but in the middle of winter, those challenges are even more prominent. Attempting to do any job whilst working against cold, windy weather conditions can be incredibly difficult if you aren’t wearing the right clothes for the job.

Being exposed to the cold on a continuous basis, especially when the temperatures reach biting lows, can come with a whole lot of risks. It’s not uncommon for outdoor workers to be more at risk of colds and flu, and, in more serious cases, mild to moderate hypothermia. Long exposure to low temperatures can also take it’s a toll on your joints, bones, and muscles over time, putting workers more at risk of developing arthritis or worsening the symptoms in those who have developed arthritis previously. Whatever the severity of your symptoms, any one of these side effects to cold exposure could lead to pain, illness, or time off work – the last thing anyone needs as we head towards the holidays.

Don’t let the cold catch you out this winter! Take care of yourself by picking up a SnowWolf Heated Vest.

With so many risks and negative side effects of not fully protecting yourself from the cold, it’s important that you act fast to prepare by investing in the right clothes for the job. Maybe you tend to go down the route of layering up as many shirts and sweaters as possible, only to find yourself becoming stuffy and uncomfortable – not only is this ineffective, but it’s also distracting. What you need is an item of clothing that is light and thin, won’t weigh you down, and actively generates heat to keep the wearer warm. What you need is a heated vest!

A heated vest is an essential piece of clothing for any outdoor worker and should be a part of your everyday uniform as we reach the colder months of the year. However, whilst there are many heated vests on the market, few are as effective or as convenient as the SnowWolf Heated Vest.

Firstly, many heated vests only include heating functionality in the front or back of the jacket, sometimes only in the lower or upper area. This may make the wearer slightly more comfortable in certain areas of the body but will do little to keep them warm overall. The SnowWolf includes four heated pads – one on each side of the front, running from just below the chest to the bottom of the torso, a heated pad running down the length of your back, and a pad in the collar, so that heat is not escaping through the top of the jacket. With the SnowWolf Heated Vest, you can experience all-over warmth, relieving you from the bitter cold in each area.


The SnowWolf Heated Vest works all day and doesn’t require batteries or electricity to operate. Simply connect the vest to a standard power pack – the very same kind that you may use for your cell phone – and switch on using the buttons on the breast of the jacket. The power pack zips away neatly in your pocket, where you will find the connecting wire. What’s more, if you are using a good quality, fully charged battery pack, the SnowWolf Heated Vest can provide up to sixteen hours of warmth – perfect for those long days of work during the winter.

The SnowWolf Heated Vest doesn’t need a few minutes to warm up, either – the heated packs work rapidly to warm up, with the wearer beginning to feel the heat within just three seconds of switching on the jacket. There isn’t just one temperature option, either. The wearer of the SnowWolf can toggle between different levels of heat until they find one that they are fully comfortable with.


The jacket itself is a stylish and wearable design, looking very much the same as your average non-heated vest. You won’t look like you are wearing an important piece of protective clothing, but rather simply wearing a fashionable outdoor jacket. Whilst style is important to us, however, the design is also highly functional, too – our heated vests are made using duck down feather insulation, allowing the jacket to preserve the heat being generated and prevent it from escaping. The heated packs provide warmth, and the duck down feather absorbs it so that the jacket as a whole is warm and not just the specific heated areas.

If you are worried about the weight of the jacket being a distraction whilst working, then allow us to put your mind at ease. The jacket isn’t heavy, nor does it look heavily padded. It is light and thin enough to wear under an additional coat, or even a sweatshirt – ideal if you would like to layer a long-sleeved item of clothing over the vest in order to maximize heat retention.


Don’t worry about the process of washing the vest, either. The SnowWolf Heated Vest is fully machine washable. Simply remove the power source and heat packs and wash on your regular cycle – no need to worry about taking it into the dry cleaners, your new favorite jacket can simply be washed easily at home. With such easy cleaning, there is no reason why the SnowWolf Heated Vest can’t be worn for work each and every day, even in the most physically demanding of jobs.

So, if you or someone you love finds themselves coming home from work shivering all winter, having to layer up sweaters and coats only to become stuffy and uncomfortable, or if your current heated vest doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, look no further than the SnowWolf Heated Vest. Fully heated, rapid warmth, all-day use, machine washable and still a great looking item of clothing, there really is nothing better for the job.


Don’t resign yourself to another winter of stiff joints, colds, and shivers – prepare yourself by picking up a SnowWolf Heated Vest, the only one you’ll ever need!