What are heated vests? Here is the answer!

October 27, 2020 5 min read

What are heated vests? Here is the answer! | Snowwolf Wear

Winters can be unforgiving, especially during the bad ones, and going out during these times is almost next to impossible if you are not wearing the right clothes.

If you happen to wear an article of clothing that is too thin, you surely will not last long outside. You cannot wear something too thick because it would be hard for you to move around because of the added weight brought about by the layers of clothing you are wearing. Just because an item of clothing is thick and furry does not mean that it can provide your body with the amount of heat needed not to suffer hypothermia, especially if you will be out in the cold for a long time.

So, what should you wear then if almost every attire you have will not work? Well, you can always get a heated vest! You might have already heard about this type of clothing a few times, and in this post, and you might be wondering what they are so that we will be answering some of the frequently asked questions about heated vests. 

What is a heated vest?
A person’s body usually produces heat when doing strenuous physical activities such as running, exercising, or biking. But what if you are simply sitting around, reading books, or resting? How can you produce and retain heat, especially during winter? The answer to this is none other than by wearing a heated vest!

These vests are special types of clothing specifically designed to help you endure the cold winter months. Of course, you cannot merely confine yourself inside the four corners of your home for the entire duration of the winter months. You will have to go out to run errands, sooner or later, visit your family, go to work or school, spend time with your loved ones, go hunting, or simply take your dog for a walk. In doing so, your body needs protection from the cold, especially if you are under exposure for too long. Prolonged exposures to cold arms of winter may cause you hypothermia.

Therefore, you cannot go for clothes which are too thin because it will be penetrated by the cold, and you cannot opt for clothes which are too thick because this will limit your body’s movement. Can you imagine walking 1 kilometer while wearing eight layers of clothing and carrying your bag and belongings at the same time? We do not think so. What you need is an article of clothing designed specifically to help you get through these cold months, and that is what a heated vest offers. 

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How does a heated vest work?
A heated vest typically uses a 12, 7.4, or 5-volt power bank. 12-volt batteries are those which are common in All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and motorcycles. Heated clothing with a 12-volt system are usually the ones with their built-in power cords and can power this article of clothing from top to bottom (jacket to pants).

Meanwhile, a 7.4-volt battery is one of the most used for jackets and gloves and provide you with heat for two to eight hours of usage. It will depend on how cold the environment is and how high the heat needed is. A 5-volt power bank, on the other hand, is the one that you can use to charge both a 5-volt heated clothing and some small electronic devices like cellphones and tablets. Just be sure that your power bank has a full charge so that you can charge and power up your heated vest wherever you are—even if you are walking your dog or buying food at the grocery store! 

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Is a heated vest safe for use?
One of the grueling questions that people often ask about heated vests is if they are safe. You may also have the same problem and is the exact reason why you are still not buying one right now. You may have doubts. Will the heating cause you to sweat too much? Will you get electrocuted? Is it safe to wear? The answer is yes! A heated vest is safe!

For example, Snow Wolf offers waterproof one, can be machine washed, is non-radiative, and is safe even for everyday use! Be sure to unplug or remove it from the battery source first before washing it to avoid mishaps. You can also use heated vests when doing simple activities like taking a stroll on the park, or to doing extreme and adventurous ones like hunting, playing outside sports, and even snowboarding! 

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What is the best type of heated vest?
Undoubtedly, the best type of heated vest is the one that will provide you with the maximum comfort and amount of heat that you need to stay warm in these cold winter months.

This heated vest from Snow Wolf will provide you with the ultimate comfort as it has heating at the front, the neck, and back. It will have you covered all around! This vest also provides you with easy access to the power button, which will allow you to increase or decrease the temperature and the heat intensity in an instant!

Not only that, but this type of clothing also helps make sure that heat you retain heat in your body, and its duck down feather insulation system prevents the cold air from outside to penetrate the clothing.

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Will a heated vest cramp up my style?
Some articles of heated clothing might not look that appealing because they are either too thick, too edgy, too formal, or the style just does not suit you. Admittedly, some vests cater to functionality more than fashion. But do not fret because not all are like that.

Some stores offer a heated vest that is both comfortable and stylish at the same time, and some of the best designs. An excellent example is those by Snow Wolf. With their impeccable design, you can be sure that your clothing is both fashionable and made with the best and high-quality materials! 

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You must take note that not all heated vests are the same, so you need to make sure to check the specifications of each one before making a purchase. Always go for the product that offers you excellent quality even though it is a bit expensive than others of the same type.

Remember that in buying articles of clothing such as this, it is imperative to go for the one which ensures your safety and which will provide you with quality that is worth your investment. You would not want to have a product of inferior quality when you paid a lot for it, right? Of course, you would expect it to perform well and deliver all its claims. Always go for the one which will provide you with superior quality, has an affordable price, would ensure your safety, and of most importantly, would go with your style! 

You also must consider the one which is durable and will last the test of time. You do not want to end with a product that will start to break or tear apart after two weeks of continuous usage.  Do not hesitate to go with the product that will give you your money’s worth!