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    8 Ways to Stay Warm While Hunting in Cold Weather

    8 Ways to Stay Warm While Hunting in Cold Weather | Snowwolf Wear

    If you are one of those people who slacked off and failed to join the gang during the hunting season last fall, do not fret. Late-season hunting is still up for grabs, and there is a vast number of games you can still hunt for sport. 

    The main caveat, however, is that late-season hunting will entail colder weather and potential blizzards. So, if you plan on hunting during this period, be sure to have yourself mentally, physically, and physiologically prepared. I suppose you do not want to find yourself bailing out midway because of your shaky hands giving you potato aim.

    In this regard, we will be discussing eight ways by which you will be able to keep yourself warm amidst hunting in subzero weather conditions. These tips will not only encompass the type of food you have to eat to the men's heated vest you have to wear but many more information to give your hunting game a boost!


    Eight Pro Tips to Winter Hunting

    If you need some tricks on how to make winter hunting more fun, then here eight tips you can consider:

    Load up on carbs

    In a physiological sense, your body continuously metabolizes the food you take-in and your stored fats for energy consumption. This metabolism process helps in breaking down your food into smaller compounds and having heat as a by-product. Therefore, that designer men's heated vest you will be wearing in the cold is only one factor that can keep you insulated. What you eat will also definitely play a significant role in your "survival" in that adverse temperature.

    Carbohydrate-rich diets are the most effective food to consume at the onset of late-season hunting. Contrary to other forms of food like proteins and fats, carbs play a significant role in energy provision. These energies derived will then be your fuel and heat to operate despite the weather. PB and J bread, pasta, and oatmeal are the most common diets hunters consume during winter.

    Load up on carbs

    Wear effective torso warmers

    Although hunting in layered-clothes is one option in protecting your body against the cold, wearing men's heated vest is still a more practical approach. Putting these heat-producing garments on will not come as bulky as wearing clothes one after the other but will still definitely provide the same heat of having layered clothing. Another reason to choose men's heated vests over layers of clothes is that it will not restrict your movement. It would be counter-intuitive to be hunting quick-paced animals when you cannot keep up due to your choice of wardrobe.

    These vests are excellent heat sources to keep the body warm and feeling good despite the weather. Just make sure that you are adequately aware of your battery consumption to be safe. Your purchase of these vests will be a worthwhile investment as these are waterproof, durable, made with insulating materials, and powered by a long-lasting battery (until 16 hours of use).

    Pro-tip: You can wrap freshly baked potatoes in aluminum foil and insert them into your interior pockets. The heat will dissipate slowly from these tubers, giving you warmth, and you can also eat them when you feel hungry, which will provide you warmth.

    Wear effective torso warmers

    Use a good pair of boots

    Ever had a day when your whole body feels warm except your feet? That there is called cold feet and is a common phenomenon, especially in freezing temperatures. The problem with cold feet is that your mobility becomes difficult.

    How can you hunt when you cannot even move? And wearing a men's heated vest will simply not suffice in keeping you warm. It may work on the torso, but if you fail to protect your feet, then it is a hunting bye-bye to you. 

    The best boots to use in winter season hunting are rubber boots. This footwear provides better insulation to the feet and is also water-resistant. Thus, your feet will be warm, and you will have no worries when it comes to cold feet. As a professional reminder, the boots should not be tight. Tight footwear will restrict the blood flow to the feet, and when this happens, the feet will be more susceptible to cold temperatures.

    Best hunting boots

    Protect your head and hands

    Aside from the body and the feet, the hands and the head must also have proper covering to insulate it from freezing temperatures. If you notice, respiration occurs mostly on the neck and head area even when it is cold. It can cause severe problems to temperature management since sweat and the snow are not the most compatible partners if you want to keep warm.

    For the head, you can wear a toboggan or a beanie so that the head will be in-tact and safe from the snow. Turtleneck shirts will also be useful to keep the neck safe from the cold. The ears are susceptible to low temperatures. Thus, using shooting earmuffs will keep the ears insulated and protect it from gunshot sounds. As for the hands, gloves or mittens will do. Shaky hands can affect one's aim, so using hand insulators will not only help you maintain your homeostasis but will also improve your shooting.

    snowwolf protect your head and hands

    Be physically fit

    It goes without question, an imperative among seasoned hunters, that physical health is essential when hunting. What is the point of not using layered clothes if your mobility is lacking because of your body weight or your lack of muscle activity?

    Hence, it is vital that you keep yourself healthy. Do some exercises that can boost your stamina, cardio, and muscle strength. Hunts need speed and alertness for locating the games. If you quickly lose your breath or are easily tired after a few miles of running, you might as well just wait. The better your health is, the better you do in late-season hunting.

    Be physically fit

    Make use of hunting blinds

    One common characteristic of the winter season is the presence of gales. It can also potentially escalate to blizzards, which may pose potential dangers to the hunters. Hunting blinds offer shelter to the hunters if the winds decide to be destructive that day. Hunting blinds are like tents that are sturdier in structure. These are also excellent hiding spots to camouflage you from suspecting games to be captured. 

    hunting blinds

    Add some warm beverages to your arsenal

    A gun is not your only weapon in the hunt for animals during the winter season. Remember that there are two adversaries during this period: the animals and the cold weather. Including a heat-conserving thermos or flask in your bag is a smart idea. It is because sooner or later, you will get thirsty, and you will need to supplement yourself with a beverage that will not only quench your thirst but will also keep you warm on the inside.

    Add some warm beverages to your arsenal

    Bring the other essentials

    It is already 2020. There are now many different technologies that will accommodate the needs of late-season hunters, especially in thermal management. And investing in these tools is never a wrong decision to make. 

    Two of these are chemical warmers and electronic warmers. The former are air-activated tools that heat up when exposed to oxygen. These can keep you warm mostly when you are resting inside the hunting blinds. The latter, on the other hand, are rechargeable tools that keep you warm if the battery still has juice in it. Remember that technology is here to help us. If you are a hunter, nay, a late-season hunter, then you need to invest in these tools so that hunting in the cold will be less complicated.

    electronic warmers


    Hunting is a fun hobby or a bonding activity with family and friends, especially during winter, if fall is not convenient. If you hunt during winters, then you need to invest in a men's heated vest from Snowwolf. It is mostly because the temperature will pose more difficulty in an already tricky activity.

    However, there are also many ways by which you can overcome these hurdles. Just hunt smart and mind the tips we mentioned above.

    A Look At The Most Comfortable Heated Clothes

    A Look At The Most Comfortable Heated Clothes | Snowwolf Wear

    As the months get colder, we’re all looking for ways to keep warm. While we may look to layering up with thick shirts and sweaters, this can quickly become uncomfortable, and some winter coats only go so far to keeping you warm. The best solution? SnowWolf offer a wide range of heated clothing, which looks great and keeps you protected from the harsh cold. Add some of these great heated clothes to your wardrobe and enjoy comfortable warmth all day long!

    Here’s a run down of the best of SnowWolf’s heated apparel, perfect for anyone who wants to feel great, but look great too!

    Ladies Heated Pants

    These stylish heated pants are perfect for keeping your legs warm all winter, fighting the discomfort or aches you may feel from working in an outdoor environment or from taking a long hike on a less-than-perfect day. The pants come in a range of sizes, from XS to XL, and don’t only work great, but look great too, thanks to the fashionable slim fit of the pants.

    The pants feature heated pads in the knees, generating warmth which will circulate above and below the knees as you walk. They are also water-resistant and machine washable, so are perfect for use every day, whatever the weather.

    These pants are most certainly a versatile addition to anyone’s wardrobe, with a design that can be worn in a range of casual or formal settings and will match well with many different fashion items.

    As an extra bonus, these pants come with a set of heated insoles, so not can you keep your legs warm, but your feet warm, too! Walking never felt so good.

    SnowWolf Ladies Heated Pants

    SnowWolf Smart Men’s Heated Shirt

    The SnowWolf Smart Men’s Heated Shirt is the perfect new addition to your winter wardrobe. Available in two great designs and a range of sizes from S to XXL, there’s a heated shirt for everyone who would like to stay a little warmer in the upcoming cold weather.

    The shirt features double heated pads at both the front and back, placed tactically so that warmth is distributed evenly, and the slim fit of the shirt keeps the heated pads close to you for optimal comfort.

    When connected to a fully charged power bank, the shirt will continue to generate heat for up to 12 hours! This really is a great purchase for anyone who is looking for all day warmth.

    Don’t worry about the heated features of the shirt being too obvious to the eye, either – the heated pads are thin and lightweight, and the power bank zips away neatly into the side of the shirt, so this simply looks like a stylish flannel button up, but works to keep you feeling snug all day, too.

    If you’re looking for a shirt that you can wear all day, every day and stay warm at the same time, then this could be exactly what you’re looking for, so be sure to pick one up this winter before the cold sets in!

    SnowWolf Smart Men’s Heated Shirt

    SnowWolf Men’s Heated Sweater Vest

    The perfect extra layer on top of your new heated shirt, this comfortable heated vest is smart and functional enough to keep you warm all day long.

    The SnowWolf Men’s Heated Sweater Vest comes in a range of sizes and is made from soft wool, making it incredibly comfortable, even during all-day wear – and you’ll want to wear it all day, too, as the vest can continue to generate heat for hours when connected to a fully-charged USB power bank.

    The vest features two heated elements, one across the abdomen and one covering the length of your back, which will keep you warm where it matters, when it matters. To begin the rapid heating process of the heated elements, simply connect the cable on the inside of one of the trendy zipper pockets to your standard cellphone power bank (which can then be zipped away inside!), switch on the vest using the button at the side and press the button again to toggle through the different heating options. There are three different levels of heating, making this ideal whatever the weather.

    The vest is also machine washable, unlike many similarly plush sweater vests without the added functions and features! Once you’re ready to wash the vest, simply disconnect the vest from the power bank and switch off, then just add to your laundry load as usual.

    Due to the dark colour and cut of the SnowWolf Men’s Heated Sweater Vest, the heated pads and connected power bank aren’t visible whilst wearing the vest, making this fashionable sweater smart enough to be worn in a range of different settings – even during a long day at the office!

    If you’re looking for a new sweater vest which looks great, feels soft and comfortable and can keep you warm all day long, then the search is over! The SnowWolf Men’s Heated Sweater Vest is the only one you will ever need.

    SnowWolf Men’s Heated Sweater Vest

    Why Do I Need Heated Clothing?

    As the colder weather sets in, we’re leaving ourselves at risk of a range of different health problems if we don’t dress appropriately for long exposure to the cold - including aching muscles, stiff joints, colds and flu and even increased risk of developing arthritis or Raynaud’s disease - so it’s best to prepare by adding some functional yet fashionable pieces to your regular winter wardrobe.

    Layered under a SnowWolf Heated Coat/Jacket – we have a range of different styles available for both men and women – you can make sure you’re staying warm and protecting yourself from the cold. Our heated apparel is perfect for every day wear, as the heated elements work all day, yet aren’t visible to anyone who checks out your outfit, with all apparel including well-placed pockets where you can keep your USB power bank.

    With SnowWolf’s heated clothing range, you can experience optimal comfort, long-lasting warmth and look stylish at the same time. Why not shop the range today and find out for yourself?

    How Can I Maintain My Heated Clothes Over Spring And Summer?

    How Can I Maintain My Heated Clothes Over Spring And Summer? | Snowwolf Wear

    During the winter, we can be sure that our heated clothes, jackets and coats will get plenty of wear, whether we are working outdoors, wearing them for regular hikes or simply using them to keep us warm whilst wearing an otherwise casual outfit.

    However, once it starts to warm up a little outside, we aren’t likely to need to wear thermal or heated clothing as much, and will more than likely store them away until the following winter season – so what do we need to do in order to take care of our heated clothes and keep them safe and clean until the next winter season arrives so that we can wear them all over again?

    Here’s SnowWolf guide to preparing your heated winter clothes to be stored away over the warmer months.


    Don’t Forget
    Heated clothes do, of course, contain elements which should not be exposed to water. In order to avoid damaging your heated clothes, always make sure you read any instructions that may be featured on the labels on the inside of the clothing items, as well as following the instructions here. Washing your heated clothing without adhering to all instructions fully may lead to damaging the functions of the clothing, as well as causing damage to the fabric itself.

    1. Get All Your Heated Clothing Together
    If you plan on washing more than one piece of heated clothing at once, then it’s a good idea to get it all together before you start the cleaning process. That way, you can make sure that you take care of every step on every piece of clothing, so you won’t miss anything out and will get a good final result, with all pieces perfectly clean!

    Again, make sure you have thoroughly read the care labels on each piece, as you may have to wash some pieces separately due to different advised washing machine settings or temperatures.


    2. Remove Power and Switch Off
    This is important! SnowWolf heated apparel uses the energy from a portable power bank to generate heat, and these definitely do not mix with the inside of a washing machine. Make sure that before you begin any part of the washing process, you check the clothing is switched off and disconnected from the power bank.

    Whilst doing this step, double check all other pockets on the clothing for any other things left inside – leaving tissues, coins, earphones, keys, etc. will always either damage the clothing or the washing machine itself, so you want to avoid washing your clothes without fully emptying each pocket first.


    3. Take Care of Larger Stains First
    If there’re any large or stubborn stains on your clothing, then attempt to get these off first before putting the clothes in the washing machine. There’re many different products available for this, sometimes to be rubbed in directly before being placed in with the laundry and sometimes to be used as part of handwashing the item. The best product for the job depends on the fabric and color of the item, as well as the severity of the stain.

    Skipping this step won’t damage your clothes, but it will mean that you aren’t getting the best result possible, which you’ll come to regret when you dig out your heated clothing next winter!


    4. Protect Your Clothing
    To protect the heated elements on the inside of your clothing, place them inside a speciality garment bag or, if you can’t get one, a pillowcase.

    If you’re washing multiple items of clothing at once, you should place each one in its own bag before washing, as washing them all in the same bag could lead to an ineffective wash at best and, at worst, damage to the fabric of all the items.


    5. Wash Your Clothing
    Having chosen the correct settings for your washing machine according to the care labels on each item, you can then get down to the washing process. The general advice would be not to use water which is too hot, and to be careful which detergent you use – always check the bottle before putting a certain detergent in with heated clothing, especially clothes which are made from harder-to-wash fabrics.


    6. Dry Your Clothing
    Once your clothing is washed and clean, it’s time to dry it. As convenient as it may be, you should never use a tumble dryer to dry your heated clothes. This is due to the wires and heated elements inside the clothing, which could become damaged themselves or damage your tumble dryer. The best way to dry your heated clothing is to hang each piece out individually, either outdoors on a clothesline or on coat hangers in a warm room inside your home. Allow them to dry naturally rather than using a radiator, as this may damage the fabric, but do keep in mind it may take quite a while.

    dry clothing

    7. De-crease Your Clothing
    Clothes are generally pretty creased after they’ve been in the washing machine and dried naturally, so you may want to take out those creases before storing them for the warmer seasons.

    However, do not do this with an iron!! It will damage the clothing and the heated elements. The best way to take the creases out of your heated clothing is by simply leaving them hung out until the creases flatten out naturally, but failing that, a steamer is perhaps the safest way to take creases out and avoid damaging your clothing.


    8. Wrap Them Up and Store Them Away!
    Once your clothes are all clean and dry, you need to get them ready to store them. The best way to keep them as clean and safe as possible is to keep each item wrapped individually, either in individual garment bags or in garment covers, depending on whether you are hanging them up or leaving them folded away in drawers. If you do store them in drawers, be sure to fold them neatly before placing them in garment bags! Garment bags aren’t compulsory, of course, but it’s certainly the best way to keep them in great condition if you aren’t expecting to use your heated clothes again for a number of months.

    Another thing you may want to do is put all the power banks back in the pockets of the clothing before you store them away – your future self will thank you, since you’ll save yourself hours of searching high and low for them next winter if you just keep them in the pockets all year round!

    storage heated wear

    The Perfect Gifts For Raynaud’s Disease Sufferers

    The Perfect Gifts For Raynaud’s Disease Sufferers | Snowwolf Wear

    Around 28 million people in the United States suffer from Raynaud’s Disease, a condition that causes red blood vessels to constrict in response to cold temperatures, causing the fingers of sufferers to turn white and blue. The condition can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable and can show up on its own or during a flare-up of another condition, such as arthritis and lupus. It can be triggered by

    It can be difficult to see loved ones suffering, and we would all like to do what we can to improve the lives of those we care about – in the case of those with loved ones who are Raynaud’s disease sufferers, this can be done by gifting them with certain items that may help to ease the symptoms of their condition.

    Here are just a few of our picks for ideal gifts for Raynaud’s sufferers.

    Perhaps one of the most thoughtful gifts that you could give to a Raynaud’s sufferer is a stylish, yet functional coat or jacket. Many of us already own a thick winter coat, but if you suffer from Raynaud’s, it can be extremely helpful to have a coat that goes the extra mile to keep you warm.

    At SnowWolf, we offer a range of different heated coats and jackets. Heated jackets work by connecting tactically placed wire pads to a portable power pack, which will rapidly heat the pads when the jacket is switched on. Many of our jackets are also made with duck down feathers, which is great for keeping the heat inside the jacket so that you can feel warm all over and for much longer!

    A single charge on many of our jackets and coats can last up to 16 hours, too – great for a Raynaud’s sufferer who doesn’t want to let their condition get in the way of the time they spend enjoying the great outdoors!

    Why not take a look at our range of jackets? We cater for both men and women and in a range of different sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect coat for the Raynaud’s sufferer in your life.


    Why stop at outerwear? For Raynaud’s sufferers, it’s often a case of ‘the more warmth, the better’, so think about picking out some great thermal and heated clothing for a thoughtful gift.

    One essential part of everyday wear for Raynaud’s sufferers is a thermal base layer. These layers are great for trapping in and retaining body heat, preventing it from escaping out of the sleeves and collars of your clothes.

    You might also be surprised to know that it doesn’t just coat that can be electronically heated. We also offer a range of heated apparel here at SnowWolf, including pants, stylish shirts, and more – imagine curling up in front of the TV on a winter evening in one of our cozy heated hoodies!

    Finally, for an extra layer of heat underneath a heated coat, why not gift your loved one with one of our heated vests? These sleeveless jackets are both fashionable and functional, featuring four heated pads in the spots where you really need them, and they’re available for both men and women.


    Instant Heat Warmers
    When Raynaud’s strikes, the most badly affected areas of the body tend to be the hands and feet, causing a rapid change in color due to circulatory issues, with fingers and toes often turning white and blue. When a sufferer feels an attack of Raynaud’s coming on, it’s important to try and stop it quickly or at least ease the symptoms as much as possible.

    For that reason, it could be a great idea to gift them with some emergency heated hand warmers or insoles. These instant heat packs reach temperatures quickly, great for placing inside gloves and shoes to protect the areas of the body most badly effected by a Raynaud’s attack.

    These hand and feet warmers often come in multipacks, so a few sets of each would be the gift that would keep on giving, and is sure to be appreciated by any Raynaud’s sufferer.


    Gifts For In The Home
    While you are less at risk of suffering an attack of Raynaud’s whilst in your home, it’s still a great idea to gift a Raynaud’s sufferer with something to keep them warm and cozy once they get inside.

    Why not consider one of our heated pillows? These pillows wrap around the wearer's neck to not only keep them warm but also relieve tension in the neck – ideal for anyone who regularly experiences stiffness or pain in this area.

    Finally, we all love a cozy night in! Whether you suffer from Raynaud’s disease or not, we can all appreciate the feeling of being on the couch with a hot water bottle and a heated blanket, though sufferers will probably appreciate this even more. Why not gift your loved one with two accessories for the perfect night indoors away from the bitterness of the winter weather?


    Gifts To Relieve Stress
    While Raynaud’s is most commonly triggered by exposure to cold temperatures, it can also be triggered by stress. If you think your loved one has all bases covered as far as keeping warm is concerned, then it would be incredibly thoughtful to gift them with something to relieve their stresses instead!

    Massages are one of the greatest stress relievers, as well as being great for your neck and back. Of course, getting a professional massage is a rare treat for most of us, but what if you could enjoy regular massages in your own home? Many home massage chairs feature ten rollers that work to massage the entirety of your back, relieving stiffness, aches, and pains – and they’re heated too, perfect for the Raynaud’s sufferer in your life.

    Finally, how about keeping the gift going by signing your loved one up to a monthly subscription box that includes a range of calming items? The calmbox service cherry-picks the perfect gifts to help you destress each month, while companies like Bath Bevy look to provide the perfect relaxing, warm bath-in-a-box.


    Calling All Outdoor Workers: Prepare For This Winter With The SnowWolf Heated Vest!

    Calling All Outdoor Workers:  Prepare For This Winter With The SnowWolf Heated Vest! | Snowwolf Wear

    Working outdoors can come with its challenges at the best of times, but in the middle of winter, those challenges are even more prominent. Attempting to do any job whilst working against cold, windy weather conditions can be incredibly difficult if you aren’t wearing the right clothes for the job.

    Being exposed to the cold on a continuous basis, especially when the temperatures reach biting lows, can come with a whole lot of risks. It’s not uncommon for outdoor workers to be more at risk of colds and flu, and, in more serious cases, mild to moderate hypothermia. Long exposure to low temperatures can also take it’s a toll on your joints, bones, and muscles over time, putting workers more at risk of developing arthritis or worsening the symptoms in those who have developed arthritis previously. Whatever the severity of your symptoms, any one of these side effects to cold exposure could lead to pain, illness, or time off work – the last thing anyone needs as we head towards the holidays.

    Don’t let the cold catch you out this winter! Take care of yourself by picking up a SnowWolf Heated Vest.

    With so many risks and negative side effects of not fully protecting yourself from the cold, it’s important that you act fast to prepare by investing in the right clothes for the job. Maybe you tend to go down the route of layering up as many shirts and sweaters as possible, only to find yourself becoming stuffy and uncomfortable – not only is this ineffective, but it’s also distracting. What you need is an item of clothing that is light and thin, won’t weigh you down, and actively generates heat to keep the wearer warm. What you need is a heated vest!

    A heated vest is an essential piece of clothing for any outdoor worker and should be a part of your everyday uniform as we reach the colder months of the year. However, whilst there are many heated vests on the market, few are as effective or as convenient as the SnowWolf Heated Vest.

    Firstly, many heated vests only include heating functionality in the front or back of the jacket, sometimes only in the lower or upper area. This may make the wearer slightly more comfortable in certain areas of the body but will do little to keep them warm overall. The SnowWolf includes four heated pads – one on each side of the front, running from just below the chest to the bottom of the torso, a heated pad running down the length of your back, and a pad in the collar, so that heat is not escaping through the top of the jacket. With the SnowWolf Heated Vest, you can experience all-over warmth, relieving you from the bitter cold in each area.


    The SnowWolf Heated Vest works all day and doesn’t require batteries or electricity to operate. Simply connect the vest to a standard power pack – the very same kind that you may use for your cell phone – and switch on using the buttons on the breast of the jacket. The power pack zips away neatly in your pocket, where you will find the connecting wire. What’s more, if you are using a good quality, fully charged battery pack, the SnowWolf Heated Vest can provide up to sixteen hours of warmth – perfect for those long days of work during the winter.

    The SnowWolf Heated Vest doesn’t need a few minutes to warm up, either – the heated packs work rapidly to warm up, with the wearer beginning to feel the heat within just three seconds of switching on the jacket. There isn’t just one temperature option, either. The wearer of the SnowWolf can toggle between different levels of heat until they find one that they are fully comfortable with.


    The jacket itself is a stylish and wearable design, looking very much the same as your average non-heated vest. You won’t look like you are wearing an important piece of protective clothing, but rather simply wearing a fashionable outdoor jacket. Whilst style is important to us, however, the design is also highly functional, too – our heated vests are made using duck down feather insulation, allowing the jacket to preserve the heat being generated and prevent it from escaping. The heated packs provide warmth, and the duck down feather absorbs it so that the jacket as a whole is warm and not just the specific heated areas.

    If you are worried about the weight of the jacket being a distraction whilst working, then allow us to put your mind at ease. The jacket isn’t heavy, nor does it look heavily padded. It is light and thin enough to wear under an additional coat, or even a sweatshirt – ideal if you would like to layer a long-sleeved item of clothing over the vest in order to maximize heat retention.


    Don’t worry about the process of washing the vest, either. The SnowWolf Heated Vest is fully machine washable. Simply remove the power source and heat packs and wash on your regular cycle – no need to worry about taking it into the dry cleaners, your new favorite jacket can simply be washed easily at home. With such easy cleaning, there is no reason why the SnowWolf Heated Vest can’t be worn for work each and every day, even in the most physically demanding of jobs.

    So, if you or someone you love finds themselves coming home from work shivering all winter, having to layer up sweaters and coats only to become stuffy and uncomfortable, or if your current heated vest doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, look no further than the SnowWolf Heated Vest. Fully heated, rapid warmth, all-day use, machine washable and still a great looking item of clothing, there really is nothing better for the job.


    Don’t resign yourself to another winter of stiff joints, colds, and shivers – prepare yourself by picking up a SnowWolf Heated Vest, the only one you’ll ever need!