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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Favorite Purchase of the Decade

    I have been wanting a heated vest like this one for SO LONG, and was so glad to receive mine just in time for the holidays.
    Overall - I LOVE this product. Here's some details:
    1. Style: I wasn't expecting this vest to be as nice looking as it is...but I loved it! The dark grey color is perfect and matches with almost everything I wear this season. The hood is removable which makes it easy to either use this as a jacket of sorts or use it as something more casual.
    2. Fit: Many reviewers have mentioned that this product runs small...I personally had no issues with size, but I do have to agree. I'm 4'9 and barely 110 pounds, and the small fit me perfectly. Generally, a small is too big on me. So I can see how maybe someone who fits in the more "average" side of the small scale might want to size up. The good thing about it running on the small side is that it is not overly bulky - I had no problem wearing this overtop of a hoodie and under a jacket.
    3. Heating: I am ALWAYS cold. I tested this little guy out on several outdoor adventures this winter - including seeing Christmas lights at the zoo while temperatures were about 20 degrees. It was cold - but I was not! This thing is perfect. You can choose to heat the front and back separately, and set them each to your desired level (high, medium, low). Medium is sufficient for a cold day if you give it time to heat up, but high is where I preferred to keep it at sub-freezing temperatures. Side note - the pockets end up getting heated as well, which is perfect for jamming some frozen little fingers in there.
    4. Charging is easy, you just remove the battery pack and give it a charge. I recommend allowing it to charge 100% before going on a long outing - you don't want to run out of heat! Overall, this is a great product that I highly recommend!

    Loving the vest and the customer service

    Why did I not find this before? I am loving this thing and will hence forth always have a heated vest or two in my wardrobe. The style is very nice and it seems well made and the slim fits is just the way I like it. I am 5'3", 150 lbs, full hour glass body type, with a small pooch and I bought a medium, however; if your body shape is similar and you are bigger than a 38C up top, you may want to move up a size. I prefer to wear regular blouses and shirts as opposed to thicker sweaters so I think the result will be that the heating elements are closer to my body. I have worn a sleeveless Tee under my shirt without feeling constricted so a small amount of layering will work still. I read one review that stated the hood was too big on theirs, fortunately I did not have that issue as the fit was good with no overhang. The drawstring is nicely done with small unobtrusive sliding cinch to hold your hood in place, compared to the push button spring loaded cinch you normally find on jackets. It is attached by a zipper and is easily removed for the times you don‘t want it. When you are using the hood, it would be a nice add on if it could be connected to the harness and the vest had an additional button so my head could be warm too without having to buy a separate heated cap maybe a future version??? I have yet to launder it to see how well it holds up but based on the quality I think it be just fine. I haven’t used it long enough to deplete the battery and see if it lasts as long as described, but I have used it as much as two hours straight on low and the battery during that time had not lost much of its charge. I think it is safe to say that it would last for a good portion of a day even being on constantly. Also, I do like that the battery sits back to the side so that you have full use of the pocket.

    Awesome product for the money!

    The vest works exactly as advertised. The day we got it was cold and rainy, a perfect time to test. The vest heats up nicely and keeps my daughter quite warm. The vest is snug and easy to conceal with a sweater or sweatshirt (it does run small as described, so follow the instructions and get a size larger). The heat lasted for 6 hours and had plenty of charge left. Haven't had a need to run it a full ten hours yet. There are lots of pros to this vest. The only con I can think of at this point is that the power supply goes in one of the pockets and doesn't have its own pocket (unless I am missing something?) Other than that, I am thoroughly satisfied. I would buy another in a heartbeat , and am recommending it to my friends and family (at least the ones that live up north!)

    Women's size Small is TRUE TO SIZE, Been waiting my whole life for this vest!

    First of all, some of the reviews say to order up a size. But for the women's size small I feel it is true to size. I am 5 ft 8 and weigh 126. Size small is perfect comfortable against my body with a long sleeve shirt underneath. If you want to wear a sweatshirt or thick sweater underneath then that's a different story- I'd get the medium then. But for a heated vest I feel it's better not to be separated by many layers as you lose the heat then. It's real nice quality too, surprisingly nice. Very warm and I love that there are three levels of heat AND two different control areas for front and back. This is a product I had wished "was a thing" for as long as I can remember because I'm usually cold before everyone else and more so. This vest will allow me to hike probably all year instead of mussing a few months. Great gift idea too. I'm thinking of buying my parents these for Xmas!

    Nice buy

    The vest is pretty well made. I put it to the true test today.I live in Michigan and it is cold outside.I took my dog out to play with the vest over my sweatshirt.I stayed pretty warm considering I didn't have any other snow gear on.I do a lot of work outdoors during the winter and I think this is going to be a great item to have under my coat.It would be perfect for Michigan spring or a normal fall.I would actually buy two sizes up though. I am happy to settle for the one size up. But would be much happier with another size up. I generally wear loose fitting clothes/coats.I wear a women's medium Landsend coat. So I ordered a Large vest.