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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Fantastic Coat!

    This is my second heated coat. My first one heats the wrists (radiator effect) but most of the warmth came from the bulkiness of the coat itself. This coat is very thin but boy does it get warm! The material is somewhat meshy and very breathable and nice enough to wear as a regular coat even when it is warm out.

    Kim Streitmater
    Great buy, works as described, very stylish. Love it.

    I bought this jacket for my boyfriend for christmas. He had another previously that was camo, hes not a camo type of guy. He wears this one to job leads (hes a metal roofer) and needs to measure outside. He Loves it!! Brags about it all the time to his buddies and hes never cold with it on. Great buy.

    Drake Coleman
    The Future Of Coats

    12 out 10 stars. Very nice. Honestly, my favorite thing about my jacket is the pockets. Whatever material they use comes from heaven. Its lije putting your hands in a cloud. The jacket heats up very well, very fast. Im not outside for long periods of time, so the half hour to hour I am outside, the jacket works great. Sadly, this review is based on northern indiana October Weather. So low to mid 30's at worst.

    Jude D. McCoy
    One Jacket To Replace Them All

    Apparently I have a thing for jackets, which is funny considering I live on the coast in south Alabama. We do have those few days and months that it actually gets cold, I am an unhappy person during that time.

    Those days are over now, thanks to the jacket.

    Samuel Merkle
    buy it NOW!!! YOU WILL BE HAPPY

    best present ever for my wife. heats up quickly and maintains heat. very nice quality jacket as well. everyone is jealous of it even me. the little light on the front does attract attention though. it took us 10 minutes to explain to security at a concert that it was not a recording device. but overall i would highly recommend it for anyone.